D.E.A.L II – Building employability skills through personal development


LOCAL/VENUE: Worcester, United Kingdom
DATA/DATE: 12-19 July 2015
Países participantes/Countries:  UK, Poland, Malta, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, Latvia



The aim of the project is to create a hub for employability and personal development tools, methods and practices to be used by those working with young people (in any capacity: formal, non-formal, vocational, etc.) so as to support them in pursing diverse career prospects. This aim will be achieved by means of fulfilling the following objectives:

- Improving the participants’ competences required in facilitating personal and professional development of young people they work with;

- Providing space for sharing of experiences and good practices in the subject matter (here in particular: development of key life and employability skills);

- Gaining first-hand experience in a number of personal and professional development tools;

- Empowering participants in acting as multipliers so as to build up to the experience gained during the project and having it spread to relevant stakeholders afterwards;

- Exploring possibilities for future cooperation among participants and partner promoters engaged.

Methodology used during the project will be based on the principles of non-formal education (e.g. experiential learning, cooperative learning, shared responsibility, etc.). These will be enriched with numerous practical examples of projects that have brought about change and success in the subject areas covered by the project activities.


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