Voluntariado na Letónia

Organização de envio: Ananda Cooperativa Cultural, Crl
Organização de acolhimento: Radi Vidi Pats ( http://www.radividipats.lv/ )
Duração: 2 meses (Abril- Maio 2015)
Local: Liepaja, Letónia

Perfil do voluntário: O voluntário deve ser um jovem activo, entre os 18 e os 30 anos, disposto a viver 2 meses na Letónia.

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Info-Pack: Info-Pack
Fotos das edições Boltik Baik anteriores:

Sumário do projeto e tarefas do voluntário:
This will be the 3rd year when we organize the project Boltik Baik (first 2 projects took place in 2011 and 2012). Don't be surprised about the transcription of the name of the project. It is our invention.
The main activity of the project will take place in May, 11-17 in the harbour of Liepāja, where with the help of one of the most experienced freakbike constructor in Europe – Gatis  Kreicbergs and volunteers from Radi Vidi Pats the freakbike workshop for 20 local young people will be organized.

First two weeks of the project will be dedicated to getting to know the hosting organization and local culture with common Easter celebration in Kūrava  - Centre of non material cultural heritage, managed by 2 members of Radi Vidi Pats as well as volunteers will be involved in the International Storytellers festival organized by this center. 

During the project activities in Liepaja volunteers will have a chance to work in 4 groups according to their interests and skills formed by local activists and supported by youth workers and members of Radi Vidi Pats:

1.      Blog, poster and public relations. Volunteers will write about the BB2015 edition in the official blog of the project started in 2012 (www.boltikbaik.blogspot.com ). The blog will follow the implementation of the project and will be updated with post, photos and  short videos with short activity's description. As a result of observation and learning of bicycle construction and associating the  experience of EVS, an A2 bicycle poster will be designed and created by volunteers.  The group will be supported by Linda Ulāne and Aigars Milčs

2.        Video. Volunteers will have to develop a scenario of a short documentary using designed EVS bicycle poster as a general frame. They will film the preparation of workshop, progress and the final outcome. They will make and edit the film, make subtitles etc. The group will supported by members of non-formal group „Dzīvā Istaba” Marija Titova and Ilya Kabaldin.

3.        Technical Part.  General preparation of the event Freak bike workshop and evening program in May, 11- 17. Participants will need to arrange the re-opening of the bicycle workshop "Radi Velo Pats" (Create a Bicycle Yourself). This includes cleaning the space, building up different installations like geo-dome, stage, etc, arranging tools, collecting old bicycle parts from all around the city. They will create the design for the workshop space,  draw needed schemes, prepare the vocabulary for tools and make billboards to present different information.  General assisting in the project coordination. In order to help the volunteers, they will be assisted by  Raivis Grigaļūns and Staņislavs Babins.

4.    Cultural program. Volunteers will be responsible for creating an entertainment program. In the time period when bicycle workshop will happen (11th - 17th of May, 2015) every night after work, the workshop participants will be offered a recreational program with local musicians and DJ etc. It will be the task of team to  build the program and attracted artists working together with Mārtiņš Mamis.

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