KA1 - Training Course "Open Up To Learn"


The training course “Open Up to Learn” is a Erasmus+ Key Action 1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme, that will take place in Setúbal, Portugal, from 6-13 September 2015. It will gather 24 youth workers, youth leaders and people that works with youth from Portugal, Albania, Armenia, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, UK and Norway.

The aim of the project is to capacitate youth workers, youth leaders and people that works with youth with tools and resources that can be used to help youngsters to fight youth unemployment. Through non-formal education methodologies, the project intends to give the participants tools, methods and opportunities to develop competences in the areas of self-awareness, communication, entrepreneurship and healthy behaviours.


  1. (A). Give to youth workers, tools and methods to increase youth self-awareness and self-development;
  2. (B) Support organizations and youth workers to increase capacity in youth education about healthy lifestyle, healthy food and healthy behaviors;
  3. (C) Increase the youth leaders communication techniques to help them to develop soft skills of youngsters with fewer opportunities;
  4. (D) Develop a long lasting partnership for implementing future Erasmus + projects, to fight youth unemployment and its consequences towards youth;
  5. (E) Develop an adequate approach to entrepreneurship for youth workers and youngsters to fight youth unemployment.


  1. (A1) Explain the importance of concentration techniques in youth work;
  2. (A2) Knowing how to implement two concentration exercises;
  3. (B1) Identifying the key elements of a healthy meal and healthy lifestyle;
  4. (B2) Establishing the 5 next steps for having a healthier life and integrate that practice future youth work;
  5. (C1) Assimilate the concept of active listening;
  6. (C2) Identify public speaking techniques and knowing how to develop them;
  7. (C3) Identify the difference of internal and external communication;
  8. (D1) Assimilate the importance of a sustainable impact and dissemination of the project results;
  9. (D2) Identify the Erasmus + possibilities regarding non-formal education and its priorities;
  10. (E1) Describe the first steps for developing an idea into practice using entrepreneurship skills;
  11. (E2) Create and implement an activity for the local community regarding the themes of the project.


The project in a general form, intends the participants to acquire:

  • a positive awareness and understanding to other cultures and backgrounds;
  • knowledge that will allow them to develop their personal and professional life;
  • new perspectives and opinions upon the subjects of the project;
  • inspiration to involve youth in projects regarding healthy life-styles;
  • practical knowledge to engage youth to entrepreneurship;
  • new skills regarding communication.


Basia Ligas


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  1. The project covers all expenses regarding travel (maximum lump sum per country, as mentioned in the info-pack), accommodation and food during the activity;
  2. Eligible participants must have legal residence in the participating countries;
  3. The activities will be conducted in English;
  4. Participants should be highly motivated to participate in the follow up activities;
  5. The participants must have high interest towards the topic, motivation to learn, and willing to engage an active role during and after the activity. 


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The project is supported by European Commission Erasmus+ Programme. These materials contain beneficiary opinions and views and neither the Portuguese National Agency or the European Commission may be held responsible for content.