KA1 – Youth Exchange “Changing Perspectives II”


"Changing Perspectives II" is a youth exchange co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme that will take place in Sintra from 26th March to 2nd April 2016 and with an Advance Preparatory Visit from 11th to 14th February 2016, with all leaders of the countries to prepare the youth exchange. This project will gather 25 youngsters including 5 leaders from Portugal, Denmark, Moldova, Armenia and Spain.

The activities during the project will be getting to know games, team building games, energizers, brainstorming, visits, simulations, role plays, creative thinking, self-assessment reflection, and big and small groups discussion. The methodology to be used is through non-formal education methodologies.

The results and impact we predict in a general way is to foster personal and social development; improve communication competences, new perspectives upon healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurship, as well as intercultural competences of the participants. And related to the theme of the project, gain skills and knowledge about education, self-employment, culture, personal-development, competences for labour market and European labour market. We also except participants will gain good practices, initiatives and examples of projects from the different organizations that will inspire them to be more active and participative in their local community.

The aim of the project is to address the needs of the target group through fulfillment of identified objectives and through promoting debate and critical thinking among the participants regarding the topics of entrepreneurship and self employment.


  1. (A) To reflect upon the situation of youth unemployment after school period (transition from education to work);
  2. (B) To discuss the competences required for employability of young people;
  3. (C) To reflect on the development and acquisition of competences through different types of education systems (for example dual system);
  4. (D) To promote sense of initiative and entrepreneurship towards self-employment;
  5. (E) To develop knowledge regarding European labour market and beyond, and its impact in labour migration.


  1. Understand the available opportunities for projects within the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme and how to apply for it;
  2. Through the team-building activities- strategy formulation and monitoring progress toward goals;
  3. Communication in public, expressing opinions in English to a international group;
  4. Positive awareness to other cultures and backgrounds;
  5. Creativity and strategic thinking;
  6. Self-conscientiousness and recognition of individual potential;
  7. New perspectives about willingness and determination;
  8. Capacity to cope with stress and tension, select and classify suitable candidates to the organization's needs;
  9. Situation of youth unemployment in Europe in general, and specifically in Portugal, Denmark, Armenia, Moldova and Spain;
  10. Sense of initiative and creativity;
  11. How to combine formal and non-formal education/internships in order to obtain required competences for future job;
  12. Self-employability and entrepreneurship.


The project in a general form, intends the participants to:

  • develop participants’ critical thinking towards their life and society in general, enable them to take responsibility in their professional as well as personal life, assuming a more active and participative role in the society;
  • empower the participants self-knowledge by making them aware of their individual potential, increasing their self-confidence;
  • increase the participants knowledge regarding personal-development, by providing them experiences where they develop their self-conscience;
  • enable participants to gain positive awareness and understanding towards other cultures and backgrounds;
  • give the participants opportunities to gain new future perspectives, being aware of the European values and principles;
  • improve participants’ communication skills and language competences, by gaining confidence in sharing opinions and emotions in a foreign language;
  • inspire participants to take part in Erasmus+ opportunities, for increasing the potential of their learning through participating in European experiences.



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  1. The project covers all expenses regarding travel (maximum lump sum per country, as mentioned in the info-pack), accommodation and food during the activity;
  2. Eligible participants must have legal residence in the participating countries;
  3. The activities will be conducted in English;
  4. Participants should be highly motivated to participate in the follow up activities;
  5. The participants must have high interest towards the topic, motivation to learn, and willing to engage an active role during and after the activity.


Co-financed by

The project is supported by European Commission Erasmus+ Programme. These materials contain beneficiary opinions and views and neither the Portuguese National Agency or the European Commission may be held responsible for content.